Company, Inc. Launches New Healthcare Division

Apr 04, 2023
Racanelli Construction Company, Inc. (Melville, NY,, a leading construction management, general contractor and design/build resource for commercial, industrial, retail, medical, pre-engineered and multi-unit residential projects, announced that it has formed a Healthcare Division to best meet increasing demand from the healthcare sector. The company has a long tradition in providing its services to hospitals, specialty medical practices, ambulatory surgical centers, rehabilitation facilities, imaging centers, nursing homes and assisted living facilities. Having recognized the growth in healthcare facilities’ construction spending projected over the next decade, Racanelli Construction established the Medical Division to ensure its continued construction leadership in this market.
According to Nicholas H. Racanelli, president of Racanelli Construction, “Our ability to meet the vital needs and exacting standards of the healthcare industry has enabled us to deliver high quality projects across the full spectrum of medical facilities. We are able to effectively integrate advanced medical technologies into our projects, while also supporting a superior patient experience. Our new Healthcare Division will further enable us to continue to build on our proven track record in this critical market.”
The new Healthcare Division will focus primarily on delivering design/build, general contractor and construction management services to healthcare providers within the New York-Metropolitan region. Future plans do include expanding the division’s services to other regions served by Racanelli Construction. Additionally, the division is planning to also extend its services to both urgent care facilities and veterinarian practices.
Based on the latest data from the U.S. Census Bureau on Total Construction Spending in the U.S.Healthcare Sector, $54.82 billion dollars was spent in 2022. Despite rising construction costs and other market challenges including supply chain problems, health care construction is continuing to demonstrate strong momentum. One sector showing especially significant growth is that of outpatient facilities which, as of September 2022, have grown 30% year over year since2020.
About Racanelli Construction Company, Inc.
With roots dating back five decades ago, Racanelli Construction Company is a family business with a long legacy of commercial/industrial real estate building and development. The company serves its diverse clientele as a construction manager, general contractor or complete design/build resource. The company’s services are applied in the construction of corporate/industrial, healthcare, retail, hospitality/restaurant, educational, residential, religious, storage and pre-engineered buildings. Its highly qualified team of professionals and application of sound business processes with state-of-the-art technologies combine to facilitate high quality, on-time and on-budget projects. Racanelli Construction Company’s long history and impeccable reputation as a high-quality builder/developer has earned the company a broad bonding capacity as well as AAA Insurance coverage. Racanelli maintains excellent working relationships with local municipalities, business and civic associations, and elected officials. These relationships accrue considerable benefits to Racanelli’ s clients when seeking financing/bonding, zoning approvals and support from the local community. Racanelli Construction Company executives are active members of the local community, serving on nonprofit organizations’ boards and participating in various philanthropic activities.

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