Dell Transportation Company

Racanelli Construction Company, Inc., a leading construction management, general contractor, and design/build resource for commercial, industrial, retail, medical, pre-engineered and multi-unit residential projects, recently served as the Construction Manager on behalf of Renaissance Downtowns Urban Holdings LLC for the construction of a pre-engineered office building. The building, located at 31 Kellum Place, Hempstead, New York consists of three floors occupying 10,011 square feet, a 3,480 square foot garage, and an outdoor covered bay area of 1,972 square feet. The building is occupied by Dell Transportation Company, a leading provider of school transportation. Racanelli’s role included providing new interior finishes and new utilities. Installed were new electrical and gas systems, water sewer and telephone lines. Also provided was a full fire sprinkler and fire alarm systems new fueling station with fire suppression and fire alarm. Additionally, a new parking lot was constructed to accommodate both busses and vans. In addition to the concrete pre-engineered steel building structure, ceilings, doors and hardware, and an elevator, other materials used were drywall, paint, porcelain tile flooring and carpets. The new pre-engineered Hempstead office building’s street elevation has storefront windows and doors with a brick veneer. The third-floor elevations feature an insulated metal panel with functional casement windows and standing seam roof.

The project, which was completed during the pandemic, did face some challenges as a result of the COVID-19 lockdowns and National Grid’s new building gas installation moratorium. Racanelli Construction assisted in securing building, electrical and plumbing inspections from the Village of Hempstead, as well as inspections for the building’s fire sprinkler, fire alarm and fueling station from the Nassau Country Fire Marshall. Racanelli team members managing the $4 million project were Project Executive Nick Racanelli, Project Manager Bill Walsh, Project Superintendent Dan Byrnes, and Assistant Project Manager Chenoa Justinvil.

About Racanelli Construction Company, Inc.

With roots dating back five decades ago, Racanelli Construction Company is a family business with a long legacy of commercial/industrial real estate building and development. The company serves its diverse clientele as a construction manager, general contractor or complete design/build resource. The company’s services are applied in the construction of corporate/industrial, healthcare, retail, hospitality/restaurant, educational, residential, religious, storage and pre-engineered buildings. Its highly qualified team of professionals and application of sound business processes with state-of-the-art technologies combine to facilitate high quality,on-time and on-budget projects. Racanelli Construction Company’s long history and impeccable reputation as a high-quality builder/developer has earned the company a broad bonding capacity as well as AAA Insurance coverage. Racanelli maintains excellent working relationships with local municipalities, business and civic associations, and elected officials. These relationships accrue considerable benefits to Racanelli’s clients when seeking financing/bonding, zoning approvals and support from the local community. Racanelli Construction Company executives are active members of the local community, serving on nonprofit organizations’ boards and participating in various philanthropic activities.