Executive Team

The success of every building project depends, first of all, on the skill and experience of its senior managers. Now in its third generation, the Racanelli executive team excels in the essentials; we know how to plan, we know how to manage, and we know how to build. Our executives have each developed a comprehensive, practical understanding of area regulations and requirements, supplier markets and local subcontractors. Together, our team continues the company’s excellent standing and working relationships with local officials, municipalities, businesses and civic groups.

With this combination of expertise and local knowledge, Racanelli executives assemble the best talent and resources, establish the most accurate cost estimates and timelines, and deliver projects that meet, not only original specifications, but also the highest expectations of our clients.

Nicholas H. Racanelli

Principal & President


Martin J. Racanelli, Jr.

Principal & Treasurer


Richard M. Racanelli

Principal & Secretary


Constance Racanelli

General Counsel


Michael V. Racanelli

Vice President