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A wide range of clients turn to Racanelli when faced with the challenge of building major industrial facilities. These projects require extensive resources and the kind of expert knowledge we possess of technical issues germane to industrial buildings. We assemble a highly skilled team to support all phases of the project, from early planning to construction to validation. As in every project, we focus on quality control, cost-containment, and on meeting even the toughest schedules.

From long experience in this sector, we know that industrial warehousing, shipping/receiving, and distribution facilities are no longer “Big Boxes.” We work with manufacturers, distributors, and others to deliver efficient, durable structures with advanced automated systems such as computerized racking, high-speed conveyors, customized material-handling systems, and robotic pack and place bays. We are also the top choice for special technology projects such as environmentally-controlled rooms, clean rooms, explosion-proof storage, built-in refrigeration, waste containment and disposal systems, and computer/satellite generated inventory systems.